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    • Open Beta is here!

      Dear players,

      in order to address one of our biggest issues, the balancing, we're going to have a public beta test of our upcoming version 17.4 which will be a first step towards a better balancing.

      You will find all the necessary information on our beta website, which will be live after 13.7. 10:00 CEST:

      Your feedback to this version will be crucial and you'll be an essential part of this version's development so we invite you to voice your opinion on this update - and each of its iterations - in the beta forum which you will find here:

      You can find information about 17.4 in there already, so go and have a look!

      We're looking forward to working on a better balance with you!

      Metin2 Team

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      Queen of Bugs, Babysitter of Bots, Mother of Dragons!
      :love: My children: Beran & Meley & Nemere & Razador :love:
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